Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands started as a small fishing village and became one of the important ports in the 12th century. Later, the city developed and became an important commercial and cultural center for Netherlands. Amsterdam receives more than 3.66 millions of tourists every year. Starting from canals to huge museums, Amsterdam is still viewed as an artistic center of Netherlands. Majority of tourists come to Amsterdam from European countries. Most of the non European travelers come from United States. The Amsterdam hotels cater to the needs of people of different ethnicity.

To accommodate ever increasing number of tourists, several Amsterdam hotels were constructed. About two thirds of the hotels in Amsterdam are located in the centre of the city. From the city center, you can reach all popular sites and attractions more easily. The canals make Amsterdam less noisy as road traffic is greatly reduced. From the hotels, you can either choose to travel in bike or choose water transport for a change.

Your choice of accommodation in Amsterdam hotels is dependent on how you want to enjoy your stay in Amsterdam. Hotels that are located exactly at the city square are more expensive, mainly because of their central location. You can find various five star and four star hotels in the center of the city. Budget friendly hotels too are available in the economic heart of Amsterdam. Modern and luxurious floating Amsterdam hotels are popular among tourists who don’t mind spending a little extra when they are vacationing.

In Amsterdam, certain years are celebrated with a theme. If you are planning for a theme based vacation in Amsterdam, some Amsterdam hotels can provide you great offers and discounts. Luxurious hotels in Amsterdam have their own restaurants where you can order fixed price meals or a la carte menu. More expensive five star hotels feature shopping malls and sauna facilities.

Amsterdam hotels close to the canals provide excellent views of the city. From these hotels, you can reach top museums like Van Gogh museum on foot. Moreover, other attractions like flower market and Rembrandtplein can also be reached from these hotels in a few minutes. When you wish to stay away from the center of the city so as to enjoy tranquility during your vacation, you can find hotels that are located slightly farther. As Amsterdam has well connected roadways and railways, you will never find it difficult to reach the attractions of the city irrespective of where you stay.

In Amsterdam, you can't find many private houses to stay as paying guests because most of the houses are owned by government housing associations. To make sure that you get best rooms from Amsterdam hotels, make it a point to reserve for the hotel well in advance. You can use online guides to find hotels that provide accommodation within your budget. Certain budget friendly and luxurious hotels welcome guests to walk in without making a reservation, but this may be very difficult when the city is already flooded with tourists.